A.W. Jones Insurance Fund targets the same investment philosophy as the Flagship Fund. The underlying managers in the A.W. Jones Insurance Fund are the same as those in the Flagship Fund, although the individual weightings vary.

How Insurance Dedicated Funds Are Structured

  • Insurance-Dedicated Funds (“IDFs”) are investment vehicles that accept investments from separate accounts of life insurance companies

  • IDFs are accessed through the separate accounts of life insurance companies via two methods: a Private Placement Variable Annuity (“PPVA”) Investment Account or a Private Placement Variable Universal Life (“PPVUL”) Investment Account

  • PPVA and PPVUL policies allow investment gains within an IDF to accumulate on a tax deferred basis

  • A.W. Jones has partnered with SALI Fund Services, LLC a platform for insurance dedicated funds

  • The A.W. Jones Insurance Fund is available for subscription through licensed insurance brokers. A.W. Jones and SALI can coordinate these insurance brokerage resources for the investor

  • Tax-deferred growth of investment earnings with no life insurance component

  • Eliminates K-1s

  • Primarily an income tax-free investment and wealth transfer product

  • Eliminates K-1s

  • Some term life insurance must be purchased

  • Life insurance physical and proof of insurability required