A.W. Jones Select Opportunities Class is an evergreen public and late-stage private equity strategy. Private investments are primarily in Technology, Internet, FinTech, Consumer and Life Sciences. Public investments are primarily in value and cyclical industries, including activist investment strategies. Geographic exposure is primarily North America with limited Rest of World exposure. The strategy is concentrated in high-conviction ideas and does not seek to minimize volatility.


  • 15-20 investments across late-stage private and public co-investments, with select exposure to crossover funds

  • Hold periods are typically 1-5 years for private investments and 1-3 years for public investments

  • Individual position sizes are typically 5-7% of capital at cost


  • A.W. Jones’ network provides a difficult-to-replicate investment pipeline

  • Idea sourcing from A.W. Jones’ emerging manager network we believe is a key differentiator

  • A.W. Jones leverages its manager relationships to obtain favorable terms for opportunistic investments

  • Our team has experience building co-investment programs since 2008 and crossover investing since 2010