A.W. Jones Select Opportunities Class is an evergreen public and private equity strategy. The strategy is concentrated in high-conviction best ideas and does not seek to minimize volatility. Public investments are primarily in manager-led, event-driven or activist engagements. Private investments are primarily in Technology, Internet, FinTech, Consumer and Life Sciences. Geographic exposure is global with a U.S. focus.


  • 15-20 investments across public and private co-investments

  • Hold periods are typically 1-3 years for public investments and 1-5 years for private investments

  • Individual position sizes are typically 5-7% of capital at cost


  • A.W. Jones’ network provides a difficult-to-replicate investment pipeline

  • Idea sourcing from A.W. Jones’ emerging manager network we believe is a key differentiator

  • A.W. Jones leverages its manager relationships to obtain favorable terms for opportunistic investments

  • Our team has experience building co-investment programs since 2008 and crossover investing since 2010